All You Need to Know about Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil Q Wander is admittedly similar to the Fossil Q Founder 2.0 and Fossil Q Marshal. However, I have all three watches, and I’m glad I do.

Fossil shines when it comes to design. Each Fossil Q watch has nuances that enhance its look.

The functionality of each watch is similar, but it’s important to note the differences in the designs. Plus, I like to give you the most comprehensive information when it comes to reviewing smartwatches.

The Founder has a bulkier bezel and a more masculine look. The Marshal has a rugged edging on the bezel. The Wander has a more vintage look and sleeker face.

Ultimately, you buy the watch that you like best. In many ways, it comes down to opinion and style. I might love the design of the Wander—and I do—but you might prefer one of the other styles.

You won’t miss out on functionality. All of the watches are the same underneath their well-designed exterior.

Getting Started

If you don’t order extra watch straps, you’ll get a streamlined package that holds the watch and the USB charger. Fossil doesn’t provide you with the wall outlet adapter. If you don’t have one, you’re stuck charging the watch with a USB outlet.

Here’s everything you get:

The watch with strap:

Fossil Q Wander smartwatch

Magnetic charger:

Magnetic battery attachment for the Fossil Q Wander smartwatch

If you’ve ever had an Android Wear smartwatch, you’ll be familiar with the way to set up the watch. If not, it’s still a simple process. Click here to get a complete look into setting up an Android Wear smartwatch.

If you don’t want to mess with long explanations, follow along with Fossil’s quick setup instructions.

Let’s Talk Looks

I love the way this watch looks. It’s kind of like James Bond. It oozes with elegant masculinity without having to prove anything.

Truthfully, it’s a little more graceful than its brothers. It’s sophisticated. However, it has the unexpected strap attachments that extend impressively from the watch face. Those throw off the refined, tidy look in a good way.

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Check out the design:

Face design for the Fossil Q Smartwatch

Side view of the Fossil Q Wander

Top side view of the Fossil Q Wander

Clasp for silver link strap for Fossil Q Wander smartwatch

Why the Wander is My Favorite Fossil Q Smartwatch

In a nutshell, I like the Wander the most among Fossil Q smartwatches because of the design.  They all function the same.  The 3 watches are actually somewhat similar in design, but there are nuanced differences and as you become more familiar with this line of watch, it’ll be very apparent.

Check out the comparison:

Fossil Q Smartwatches Design Comparison

I like the way the strap attaches to the watch case and I like the smaller links in the steel band.  Overall, it’s a more elegant watch design.  Read more about Fossil Q watches here.

Watch Faces

With smartwatches, much of the appeal is in the customizable watch face anyway. The Fossil Q app allows you to choose different background colors and watch faces. You can also just press the home screen to swap out background displays.

If you’ve seen other smartwatches that only offer foolishly colored faces, rest assured that you have plenty of other options here.

There are classic styles, like the stainless-steel look or basic black with subdials. Choose from analog and digital looks.

Go for one of the more outlandish, colorful screens (Furniture in Dubai). You can switch it up as you please. The high resolution and color gradients show up well, making the display fun to play around with.

There are two things that I don’t like about the display.

One is the flat bottom. The base of the screen is blacked out right under where the number 6 would be. It makes it look like something is missing.

Fossil put the black space there to hold the ambient light sensor. However, it interferes with the display in a way that’s subtle yet impossible to miss.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

Black screen covering part of watch face on Fossil Q Wander

The second is the low-contrast ambient screen. When I’m just trying to check the time in bright sunlight, it’s hard to see the inactive display.

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