Style Trends of 2019 for Men

It is quite natural that you’re being judged by the way you dress when you are at your office or
whenever you go out on a party. So if you’re passionate about the ongoing men’s trends, you’re
in the right place. This article will be showcasing the Style trends of 2019 for men. Well, it
depends on one’s perspective of how they want to project themselves. Some of them are
obsessed with brand and some with quality. Let us get in deep and discuss.


Suit Tailored by Gucci

Gucci is supposed to be one of the renowned brands in clothing industry. They are into
sunglasses too. Even though it is expensive, it is worth wearing it to an occasion. It is bit
expensive and the price starts from INR 18,000 as it is tailor-made and the quality is supposed
to be at the best, it is worth going with it.

 Sneakers

A pair of brown sneakers is all you need on a Friday eve! It looks amazing on denim or a cargo
pants. There are some of the well-known brands in India. To name a few, there are Redtape,
Converse, Adidas, Puma, etc.


Chinos are nothing but a colored pant. Yes, sounds weird but when you wear it you will surely
witness that wow! Factor. Tommy Hilfiger is one such brand who has been successful in
bringing about a change. When it comes to cost, it is expensive but they never compromise
with their quality. The price range starts from INR 4,000.

 Loafers

Well irrespective of which shirt or pant you prefer, it seems that people take a gander at shoes
that you’re wearing. There is a code of dressing wherein it says that your belt should match
your shoes. Ensure that you buy a matching belt and a nice pair of loafers.
 Jacket
A denim Jacket gives you confidences to carry yourself well among the rest. Levis, a renowned
brand produce good quality denim jacket. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a denim jacket.
Price starts from INR 3000. Ensure you pick one!
Hope the article has provided useful information on style trends of 2019 for men. If you have
any queries, please feel free to mention it in our comment box. Stay connected to us for more
such sections. Thanks for reading!

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